Homeowner Q&A: Is a Pop-Top Renovation Right for My Home?

Homeowner Q&A: Is a Pop-Top Renovation Right for My Home?

When you moved into your bungalow a few years ago, it was just what you needed. Charming, practical, and (relatively) affordable. But now, as your family grows and your needs evolve, it’s feeling a bit cramped – and all that extra time at home lately hasn’t helped. Maybe you expected this one to be your forever home, or maybe you always knew you’d need to upgrade eventually. Either way, the good news is that you don’t necessarily need to plant a “for sale” sign in the yard and dig out your realtor’s phone number. If you love your home but are in need of more functional space, you might be a great fit for a popular Denver renovation trend: the pop top!

What is a Pop Top Renovation?

Simply put, a pop top means adding a second floor to your single-story home. As opposed to a ground floor addition, a pop top creates more square footage by allowing you to expand vertically, which is often an appealing solution for homeowners who’ve outgrown their current space. These types of home additions are common in Denver due to notoriously smaller lot sizes as well as firm restrictions on new builds – particularly in historic neighborhoods. Just take a stroll through Washington Park, Bonnie Brae, and Congress Park, and you’ll get a sense for what your home could look like with a pop top. You’ll probably even notice a few being built in real time!

Sure, you could always just move when you max out your current space, but a pop top has it’s advantages…

Benefits of a Pop Top Addition

In a real estate market as competitive as Denver, it can feel overwhelming and intimidating – if not impossible – to consider buying a new home. Fortunately, a pop top addition gives you the ability to stay in your house while expanding its square footage – both a great investment in your home’s value and your own comfort. With a whole new floor added to the mix, many homeowners choose to move bedrooms upstairs and dedicate the first floor to more comfortable, roomy living spaces.

In contrast to the pop top, you might also consider a ground floor addition if your lot’s square footage can accommodate it, but you’ll likely be giving up valuable yard space and will need to do additional excavation, which can be costly. For that reason, building up instead of out gives you more flexibility. You can also get creative in the placement and size of a second floor addition  – a pop top might cover the full footprint of the home or only a small portion, like over a garage. And, of course, if sustainability is important to you, a pop top addition is definitely a more eco-friendly home renovation option than tearing down and building a new home from scratch.

How to Find a Denver Pop Top Contractor  

A pop top renovation is a complex construction project and requires a solid understanding of your home’s foundation and structural condition. Older, smaller bungalows are common candidates for an addition, so it’s essential to make sure your home can handle the added load. You’ll need to work with an experienced designer and licensed contractor who can provide full architectural guidance and ensure the addition will be structurally sound and appropriate to the existing framework.

If you live in an historic home, we also recommend that you partner with a team who will help you preserve the character of your home while renovating. The addition should fit the  style of your house, as it will impact both your curb appeal and property value when all is said and done.

In search of a reliable Denver pop top contractor? Let’s chat! Our expert architects, designers, and builders are well-versed in home additions, and we’ll work with you 1:1 to ensure your renovation fits your needs and your budget. Contact us to get the conversation started!

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